Talented Philippines


Talented Philippines

Talented Philippines answers critical questions for multinational corporations currently operating in, expanding or establishing operations in the Philippines.

  • What are the critical business issues for multinationals in the Philippines?
  • What are the key talent management implications?
  • How have the Philippine’s best organizations addressed those challenges?

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Business Success Through Talent Management Excellence

Business Challenges

Organizational talent represents the greatest opportunity and risks for business leaders. How can talent be optimized for business success?

Talent Management Issues

Engaging talent management practices produce high performing workforces. How do the Philippines’s best multinationals achieve this?

Business Success

Top business performance relies on great talent to produce results. What works and does not work?

Best Practice & Innovation

How does the environment in the Philippines differ, and how must global best practices be adapted and technology optimized for innovation in this market?

The Contributors

Contributions come from business and HR executives of multinational organizations operating in the Philippines.

Critical Questions

Talented Philippines answers critical questions for multinational corporations currently operating in, expanding or establishing operations in the Philippines.


Talented Philippines represents the only published book on this topic in the world and gives voice to hundreds of human resources practitioners who are leading the way in building our human capital resources.

Roberto M. Policarpio
Roberto M. Policarpio

HR needs to play a more pivotal role than ever before and workforce planning is the cornerstone of strategic HR.

Ross Villamil
Ross Villamil
Head of Talent & Organizational Development,
Nestle Philippines

I believe it is time for HR in the Philippines to shine. To step up, be bold and ambitious and play a leadership role.

Ramon B. Segismundo
Ramon B. Segismundo
SVP & Head of Human Resources & Corporate Services,

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Business Success Through Talent Management Excellence

  • Foreword by CEO, Human Capital Leadership Institute, Kwan Chee Wei
  • Talent Technology – Key Points & Statistics
  • Case Study – Integrated Talent Management Supports Bayer Business Results
  • Industry Perspective – A Universe of Choice

Talented Philippines Synopsis

The word is out – Southeast Asia is a place of tremendous opportunity for both multinational corporations and the talented individuals who live there. And, it’s now time for the region’s close-up.

After extensive research into the talent management practices within the six tiger countries of Southeast Asia, which resulted in the highly regarded book, Talented Southeast Asia, it became evident to the book’s authors that each of the individual countries deserved and warranted its own in-depth analysis.

As a result, Talented Philippines was born, and it takes the reader on a journey that highlights the unique opportunities and challenges encountered by both employers and employees in the region. With the Filipino population itself regarded as the nation’s most high potential asset, human capital is of critical importance, not only to the success of individual companies, but to the country as a whole. Amid its paradox of poverty and wealth, tradition and innovation, past and future, it is apparent that the Philippines presents immense opportunities for business growth, yet the challenges facing employers are formidable.

What makes the Philippines such a go-to destination for multinational corporations? A new era of relaxed borders is being engendered by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration as well as the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community, which promises to be a regional game-changer that will fuel intra-regional trade and a significantly freer flow of skilled labor. Quickly emerging as the golden child of the ASEAN, the Philippines also is supported by strong economic foundations, a positive reform agenda, a robust supply of business process outsourcing services, and a youthful population rallying for change and opportunities. With Generation Y representing 25% of its workforce, the Philippines is bolstered by a solid pipeline of national talent, but this cohort’s traits, motivations and life view promise to impact how workplaces are structured and how leaders engage with and lead them.

Directly focused on the critical business and HR issues facing the Philippines today, Talented Philippines channels the voices of more than 650 business and HR leaders who are at the forefront of HR innovation, thought leadership and implementation in the country. Numerous case studies tell the stories of the local experiences and achievements of leading organizations that are employing innovative approaches and practices to increase the engagement, performance, efficacy and productivity of all employees. Drawing insight from a wide cross-section of public and private sector enterprises, the book offers global best practices in addition to right practices for the Philippines to direct multinational corporations looking to take advantage of the great promise that this flourishing nation and its talented, hard-working people hold.

As the rest of the world begins to sit up and take notice of the Philippines, time is running out for employers to prepare Filipino workplaces and update their talent management practices to ensure they are positioned to attract and retain their fair share of the country’s and the region’s talent. Opportunity is knocking in the Philippines, and Talented Philippines can provide the key to opening the door.

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